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Chomsky signs Ahava Petition

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Petition against King’s College London involvement with Ahava
Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories
is an Israeli cosmetics company, partly owned and located in the illegal Israeli settlement of Mitzpe Shalem.  King’s College London is conducting research in close collaboration with Ahava. By collaborating with Ahava, KCL has itself become complicit with the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.
KCL Action Palestine
is calling upon the university to withdraw from the project immediately, reject the grant it has received as part of the project, and take active steps to ensure that the university does not find itself in a similar position in the future.
Noam Chomsky,
recipient of the 2011 Sydney Peace Prize, has signed already (signature 128). Now its your turn.
Israeli occupation costs Palestinian economy $4bn a year
This includes the loss of minerals and salts from the Dead Sea to companies like Ahava, estimated to cost the Palestinian economy about $150m per year.
See article in The Independent>>>
about AHAVA on CJPP’s AHAVA Cosmetics Campaign page.


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