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‘Memorcide: Crime, Closure & Reconciliation in Palestine’

Genocide Memorial Day 2012 has been commemorated by the Islamic Human Rights Commission since 2010, who invited guests to remember the victims of all genocides that have been perpetrated and are still being perpetrated today. This year’s event on 22nd January 2012, in London, featured a range of presentations including Ilan Pappe who discussed Memorcide: Crime, Closure & Reconciliation in Palestine’.

Watch the video of his presentation on Genocide Memorial Day 2012  or link to an article about this video. 


Confronting intimidation,
working for justice in Palestine
– Ilan Pappe,
The Electronic Intifada, 27 December 2011

If we had a wish list for 2012 as Palestinians and friends of Palestine, one of the top items ought to be our hope that we can translate the dramatic shift in recent years in world public opinion into political action against Israeli policies on the ground. We know why this has not yet materialized: the political, intellectual and cultural elites of the West cower whenever they even contemplate acting according to their own consciences as well as the wishes of their societies.

This last year was particularly illuminating for me in that respect. I encountered that timidity at every station in the many trips I took for the cause I believe in. And these personal experiences were accentuated by the more general examples of how governments and institutions caved in under intimidation from Israel and pro-Zionist Jewish organizations.
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