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Two new articles: Why BDS is working

British rock musician and Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters spray-paints the words “No thought control” on Israel’s West Bank Wall in Bethlehem. (Photo: AP)

Two articles from Ceasefire Magazine, UK…

Six Years of BDS: Success!Hind Awwad
To mark Nakba Day, we publish two exclusive extracts from The Case For Sanctions Against Israel, a landmark collection featuring a stellar cast of contributors. In the first of these, Hind Awwad, coordinator with the Palestinian BDS National Committee, provides an overview of the remarkable achievements of the BDS movement in its first six years.

The Boycott Will Work: An Israeli PerspectiveIlan Pappé
In the second of our exclusive extracts from The Case For Sanctions Against Israel, Ilan Pappé, celebrated Israeli historian and author, argues that the BDS movement is the best means to end Israel’s oppressive occupation and prevent another Nakba.


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