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Opinion shifting in Australia

Canberra Times, 21 August 2012: Moving towards a just solution
Opinion, by Robert Newton

International opinion in the Israel-Palestine conflict appears to be shifting, including in Australia, ROBERT NEWTON writes.

For those of us concerned about the continuing injustices suffered by the Palestinian people, including those living under Israeli occupation or blockade, the advent of Bob Carr as Australia’s Foreign Minister has at least delivered us a leader in Australian diplomacy who knows the issues at the core of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and who wants to contribute to a just solution. … The message he says he seeks to impart is that there can be no peace without negotiations on a two-state solution with agreed national borders. The problem is that Carr’s message is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Unless Israel stops the illegal construction of settlements in the West Bank there will be no resumption of negotiations which have been stalled since December 2010. …
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Robert Newton is Vice President of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN).


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