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Latest news from our partners in Palestine
“Several airstrikes have been launched in the last few minutes as Israeli attacks intensify again including in the area of Al-Shati refugee camp. Al-Haq field researchers confirmed that since Thursday 8 November at least 25 Palestinians have been killed, of whom at least 13 were civilians. Amongst the civilians casualties there were at least 8 children, two of whom below the age of 12 months, and a pregnant woman.”  (Al Haq at 9 am, Friday, 16 Nov. 2012)
Al-Haq is an independent Palestinian non-governmental human rights organisation based in Ramallah, West Bank.

Israeli action not caused by Gaza Rockets
Yet again, Israel has used its military in disproportionate attacks in densely populated areas.  UN statistics make it clear that Israel is killing Palestinians, week by week and month by month.
As of the end of September 2012, OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Occupied Palestinian Territory), reported that 61 Palestinians have died in 2012 as a result of conflict, 57 of them in Gaza, while no Israeli’s had been killed by Palestinian violence.

Yet Israel claims that it’s assassination and bombing is in retaliation for attacks on Israel from Gaza. Our press has not given us the full picture – for a clear summary of the unfolding of events over the last fortnight go to

In Gaza, the civilian death toll is mounting: it appears that at least 11 people have been killed and over 100 injured. Israel claims to be fighting terrorism, but this isjust another example of Israel, is continuing to breach the provisions of international humanitarian law which govern an Occupying Power.

While hospitals in Gaza have so far managed to treat all incoming injuries, the shortage of essential drugs and consumables is of major concern. At present, there are 192 essential drug items and more than 500 consumable items out of stock a situation caused by Israel’s illegal blockades of the Gaza Strip. On Monday (12 Nov 2012) Patients at the European Gaza Hospital were sent home, to make room for the victims of Israel’s bombing raids on Gaza over the preceding 72 hours.

It appears Israel has been planning this offensive for some time.  At the end of October, 2012, Israel dropped leaflets warning the civilian population. Meanwhile, civilian buildings are being bombed, civilians are being killed and injured while in their homes but the Gaza Strip is open-air prison, the civilian population cannot escape the airstrikes, they have no where to hide.


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