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Gaza in the dark and sewage

Could you live without electricity for 16 hours a day?… cook the family meals, heat the baby’s bottle, study for school exams, skype with relatives abroad, entertain bored children…

Could you walk through sewage to your front door?… sweep sewage from your kitchen each day, watch your children swim in sewage at the beach, carry your grandfather down a sewage-strewn street to the doctor…

These things, and more, Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip face each day… now… right this minute.  Are we in the twenty-first century?  Surely there is something wrong with this picture?

Sewage floods neighborhoods in Gaza City
– Gisha, 21 Nov 2013

Raw Sewage and Anger Flood Gaza’s Streets as Electricity Runs Low
– The New York Times, 20 Nov 2013

As Gaza Drowns in Sewage, UN Rapporteur Announces First UN World Toilet Day
– The Palestine Chronicle, 16 Nov 2013

‘This Is Not a Life at All’ – Families Powerless in Gaza
– The Palestine Chronicle, 15 Nov 2013

UN officials raise concerns over Gaza’s worsening humanitarian crisis
– United Nations, 21 Nov 2013


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