Coalition for Justice & Peace in Palestine

Sydney, Australia

About Us

The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine (CJPP) was launched in Sydney, Australia, in April 2006 for all friends of Palestine. We are a broad-based community organisation supporting a just peace in Palestine. Our members are from the many different ethnic and religious backgrounds in our city. We work to educate and raise awareness of Palestinian issues in the wider Australian community.

Our Aims

  • A just peace in Palestine
  • An end to the apartheid policies of the Israeli government
  • Dismantlement of the Apartheid Wall
  • Respect for human rights in the region
  • Work with others for justice in Palestine
  • Raise awareness of Palestinian issues in the wider Australian community

Our Events

CJPP has hosted a number of international guests in Australia:

  • The late Tanya Reinhart, Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University (Oct. 2006)
  • Dr Ghada Karmi, Palestinian author and academic (Oct. 2007)
  • Mr Ali Abunimah, Research Fellow with Palestine Centre, Washington DC, author, founder/editor of Electronic Intifada (May 2008)
  • Dr Sara Roy, Senior Research Scholar, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University (Oct. 2008)
  • Mr Jeff Halper, Professor of Anthropology and Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) (March 2009)
  • Ms Haneen Zoabi M.K., Member of the Knesset, al-Tajamu’ al-Watani al-Dīmūqrati (National Democratic Assembly) (May 2009)
  • Prof. Saree Makdisi, professor of English Literature at the University of California, Los Angeles (Sept. 2009)
  • Prof. George Bisharat, Professor of Law, Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco, USA (May 2010)
  • Ms Anna Baltzer, awarded 2009 Rachel Corrie Peace & Justice Award, former Fulbright Scholar (Oct. 2010)
  • Br. Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, Bethlehem University (Dec. 2010)
  • Ms Ghada Abu Ghalyoun, International Coordinator, Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) (May 2011)
    Mr. Shawan Jabarin, Director General, Al Haq (Nov 2012)
    Dr. Mona el Farra, Director of Gaza projects for the Middle East Children’s Alliance and the health chair of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society of the Gaza Strip (May 2013)

CJPP also holds regular events marking dates of historical significance for the Palestinian people, such as the commemoration of al-Nakba (‘the catastrophe’, 15 May 1948) and the annual UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (29 November); along with educational films and seminars for members and supporters.

Building an effective campaign for Palestinian rights relies on the involvement of many.

What you can do

  • Join CJPP – your membership is your active solidarity & assists to achieve our aims
  • Attend our events – educate yourself in order to educate others
  • Get involved – we need your time & energy to help us to work for a just peace in Palestine

Please visit our website, or consider joining CJPP. Of course, your donation is greatly appreciated and assists in running our campaigns and events in the coming year.

Thank you!

Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine Inc.

PO Box 144
Glebe NSW 2037

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