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Consumer Boycotts

Click here to download the BDS mini-guide as a pdfProducts to boycott: a mini-guide

Here is a mini-guide to Israeli products and companies available in Australia. Also included are some multi-national companies who profit from Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.
Click here to download the mini-guide as a pdf document.

A more detailed guide can be downloaded from  the website of Australians for Palestine. A leading Israeli feminist peace organization, The Coalition of Women for Peace, provide comprehensive information about three main areas of corporate involvement in the occupation: The Settlement Industry, Economic Exploitation and Control of Population. Visit them at

Currently CJPP has the following active campaigns:

  • Jaffa and Carmel brands citrus from Israel. Beware misleading labels – Jaffa and Carmel  grapefruit are from Israel even when the supermarket labels them “Product of Australia”.
    NSW Govt. warns Coles re imported fruit labels

  • Israeli Dead Sea Products – AHAVA cosmetics are manufactured in the illegal Mitzpe Shalem settlement.  Ahava uses Palestinian natural resources from the Dead Sea without permission or compensation. See our Ahava Campaign page here.
  • SEACRET and other Israeli owned Dead Sea Mud cosmetic companies all benefit from the illegal occupation of Palestine.

This page will be updated as information comes to hand.

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