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Act to stop misleading labels on Israeli products

Two local success stories on misleading food labelling

4 February 2011, Sydney: Following a series of local complaints, the NSW Food Authority issued a “name and shame” penalty notice against Coles Supermarket in St Marys, Penrith Council area, plus a fine of $880, for “Sale of food labelled in contravention to Food Standards Code – Jaffa red grapefruit displayed without a statement that identified country of origin, prior warnings.”

17 January 2011, Adelaide: AFOPA SA reports an inspirational story of one woman’s successful BDS action through a positive interaction with her local supermarket, illustrating the power of informing and educating yourself so you can make your own contribution and difference to the struggle for justice for Palestine.


This sticker shows the fruit is from Israel.

It is illegal for a business to misrepresent imported foods by labelling them Australian.  Many of our members have reported seeing JAFFA red grapefruit labelled as “Product of Australia”, most often in Coles supermarkets but also in other places. Click here to view a Sydney Morning Herald newspaper investigation into misleading food labelling in Australia.

If you see JAFFA or CARMEL citrus which are incorrectly labelled you can take action and the business may be fined or prosecuted.

This box label shows the grapefruit are from Israel

Who to contact:
1.  Contact the ACCC who can  “can take legal action for breaches of the Trade Practices Act 1974, particularly targeting conduct that is widespread, blatant, occurring across state borders”   Complaint form here and please email us at with a copy.

2. Send your concerns to the NSW Food Authority email

3. Complain to your local council who are responsible for monitoring food labelling in retail shops in NSW.  Here are the email addresses for some NSW local councils:

What to say:

On [date], in the [name and location of business] I saw Jaffa grapefruit labelled as “Produce of Australia”.  This is misleading because Jaffa fruit is imported from Israel.

I look forward to hearing what action you have taken to ensure this business does not continue to mislead consumers.  Thank you for your work in this area.

Examples of misleading labels


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