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COLES labels Israeli grapefruit “Product of Australia”

JAFFA and CARMEL  are leading Israeli citrus fruit labels.

Israeli JAFFA grapefruit labelled "Product of Australia"

These photos of misleading labelling of Israeli grapefruit as “Product of Australia” or “Local and Imported” were taken in Coles Broadway on 22 December 2010. The first photo was taken before we complained and labels the fruit as “Product of Australia”.

After we complained Coles changed the label to the equally inaccurate “Local and Imported” – there was no local fruit in the box, only imported JAFFA grapefruit from Israel.

We  have reports of this type of misleading label in other Coles outlets in Sydney and Melbourne.

Is this an example of what the Ausralian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) calls “False claims”? According to the ACCC… , “the law also says businesses must not make false claims about …the place of origin of a good.”

The new label was also misleading as it said this Israeli fruit was "Local and Imported"

If you see JAFFA or CARMEL grapefruit with the place of origin given as any place other than Israel let us know – email us at

Your local council is responsible for ensuring that retail businesses label fresh produce correctly.

We have had success already in ensuring that Coles and other supermarkets are correctly labelling their produce! Please visit our Action Page for links to contact the appropriate authorities with your concerns. Help ensure that the public is not mislead by claims that Israeli fruit is Australian fruit.

Contact the ACCC  about misleading Country of Origin labels on 1300 302 502 or use their email form.

You may also want to make known your concerns about Israel’s human rights record and the fact that the parent company of JAFFA sources at least some of its products in settlements.

On their Ethical Sourcing Supplier Fact Sheet, Coles outline their requirements and expectations covering  issues Child labour, Illegal labour , Discrimination, Freedom of Association, Compliance with local laws and Ethical Standards. How does buying fruit from companies which operate in Israel’s illegal settlements fit in with this?  Download Coles ethical sourcing policy here.

Here is a draft letter to Coles that you can copy and/or modify:

You are currently stocking JAFFA citrus in your store.
According to Corporate Watch (, an organization which tracks corporate complicity in the Israeli military occupation of Palestine, one of the largest suppliers of the Jaffa brand is Mehadrin Tnuport Export (MTEX), which sources produce from Beqa’ot, an illegal Israeli settlement located in the Jordan Valley.
At least some of the JAFFA citrus in Australia is supplied by Mehadrin Tnuport. Is the Israeli fruit in your store supplied by this company?
To find fruit in your store that may originate from an illegal Israeli settlement is deeply disturbing to me. By selling these products you could be implicitly supporting war crimes, ethnic cleansing, dispossession, and the continued oppression of the Palestinian people.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other prominent South Africans have likened the situation of the Palestinians to apartheid.
I would appreciate an explanation of your policy on stocking Israeli produce and/or produce from Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land.
Please do not sell goods which economically support Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, and its continuous violation of Palestinian human rights.
I look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely,

Signed: ________________________________

Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine Inc.

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