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Local Government

Local governments can support the BDS campaign in many different ways.

  • Developing  ethical investment and sourcing policies
  • Checking the human rights records of companies before letting contracts
  • Developing programmes to increase understanding of human rights issues in your community
  • Developing awareness that local communities are part of wider state-based, national and international communities.

In Australia, Marrickville Council made history as the first Australian council to pass a comprehensive resolution in support of BDS in December 2010.  Excessive commentary from some ill-informed media outlets saw extraordinary pressure exerted on Councillors to rescind their decision in April 2011.  However, the Marrickville Council saga saw BDS put firmly on the political map in Australia.

Around the world, numerous local councils are taking up boycott of Israel as a tool to signal their dissatisfaction with Israel’s disrespect for human rights and rule of law in its treatment of the Palestinian people… some examples:

CJPP encourages Australian councils to find their own ways of incorporating support for social justice and human rights into their operating policies.

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