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Move to overturn Marrickville Council Boycott Israel Decision

Next Tuesday, 19 April, 2011, Marrickville Council will vote to decide whether or not to continue the boycott. Download and print the poster, come to the meeting and use it as a placard!
Click to download mandelaposter print it, bring it to the meeting!

What you can do:
Council meetings are open to the public. Please come to the meeting. Also, please write letters of support to councillors and to the media.  Please read on:
1. attending the meeting:
6:30pm, Tuesday 19 April 2011
Marrickville Council, 2 Fisher Street, Petersham
(Level 3 of the Administrative Centre)
2. contacting  councillors (to view email addresses & tel numbers just scroll down)
3. sending letters to the Sydney Morning Herald and other papers (see links to articles below)

Sydney Morning Herald
Inner West Courier

The Australian

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, go to this page and scroll to the bottom to find the form for your letter:

Please write to or ring Marrickville Councillors (contact details below) to make the point that the report to Council prepared by council officers provides only unrealistic, very expensive options. It completely ignores the operating principles of BDS that campaigns must be strategic and achievable rather than heroic.

The very expensive suggestions for boycott in the council report (eg Holden, Hewlett Packard) for boycott are not even major targets of the BDS campaign.Please contact councillors to say:
Marrickville Council can continue its support for BDS without it costing a cent.
Most important is the initial commitment to BDS – to support for the principle of non-violent resistance to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and other contraventions of international law. 

Sanctions, such as refusing to meet with Israeli mayors, (in the unlikely circumstance that one would come to Marrickville) would cost nothing but have great moral impact. The cultural and sporting boycotts cost nothing and are very effective.

Deputy Mayor Clr Sam Iskandar (ALP)Clr Victor Macri (Independent)Clr Max Phillips (Greens)Mayor Clr Fiona Byrne (The Greens)Clr Laura Wright (ALP)Clr Morris Hanna (Independent)Clr Peter Olive (The Greens)Clr Mary O’Sullivan (ALP)
Clr Marika Kontellis
(The Greens)
Clr Dimitrios Thanos (Independent)Clr Emanuel Tsardoulias (ALP)
9558 7927
0408 210 618
9569 2865
0408 219 260
0419 444 9160401 719 1209560 8707
0419 444 560
9569 1447
0417 660 997
9559 8901
0401 719 148
9559 8980
0419 444 889
9590 3898 0409 076 7089569 0199
0414 403 173
0432 684 120



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