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Marrickville BDS debate hots up

One month after Marrickville Council voted to support BDS, Murdoch’s News Ltd are finally taking notice.  Both the Telegraph and The Australian carried articles highly critical of Council’s decision.  This is not surprising.

Far more worrying is the attitude of Carmel Tebbut, <> State Member for Marrickville, and her husband Anthony Albanese, <>, who holds the Federal seat of Grayndler.  According to The Australian, Ms Tebbutt said:  “Residents in Marrickville would be better served by a council who dealt with issues closer to home,” and her husband is quoted as saying “I think people in the electorate want local government to deal with local government issues.”

Local councillors are people who donate huge amounts of their time to the local community and the BDS decision took up less than one hour of a meeting that ran from 6:30pm until well after 1am. Most of the time was devoted to discussion and consideration of local issues. However in this lucky community, it is only right that we give a little time and energy to thinking of others – Marrickville Council’s website says “As a community, we stand for what is fair and right.”

Fiona Byrne

To hear the Council’s point of view, as expressed by Mayor Fiona Byrne, read her article in the Drum, “Taking local action on international issues”

There has also been an aggressive email campaign directed at the councillors who voted for the resolution. This campaign has been encouraged by what can only be described as a “hate site” which includes death threats against the councillors.

If you want to send any of the councillors a supportive email then the addresses can be found here…

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