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Sport boycotts

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), which is the governing body of football in Europe, has chosen Israel to host the Under 21 European soccer championship. Please send a letter to the President of UEFA, Michel Platini, asking him to reverse this decision. Click here for an easy to send e-letter provided here by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. We have more  information about this campaign here.

Why sports boycotts of Israel are important

A sporting boycott of Israel sends a powerful message that its policy of occupation, expulsion and racism against Palestinians is unacceptable.

Palestinian Women's Football Team

As part of the global BDS movement, we believe it is important to stop Israel promoting itself as a “fair player” via the participation of its sporting teams and individuals in international and bilateral competitions. Sporting boycotts are a powerful tool in raising public awareness about discrimination and occupation of Palestinians just as our sporting boycotts were a powerful tool in fighting South African apartheid.

We aim to :
•Exclude Israel from sporting events and within global competitions such as the World Cup, Olympics etc.
•Promote Palestinian presence and right to participate in international sporting events as a way to support their right to identity and self-determination.

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