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Sister Cities

The CJPP Sister Cities campaign encourages local councils in Australia to twin with local councils in Palestine.  This initiative works to build links through which both Palestinian and Australian communities can share information, resources, culture and learning.  

CJPP encourages its members and supporters to seek to establish similar Sister City partnerships with communities in Palestine.  This can be a great source of support for the Palestinians at this time.


Marrickville Council – Bethlehem Council Sister City partnership

In 2007, Marrickville Council in inner-west Sydney signed the first Australia-Palestine Sister City partnership with Bethlehem Council.  The Mayor of Bethlehem and a number of his councillors visited Australia to formalise the partnership. 

Bethlehem was chosen as one of Marrickville’s sister cities because it is a multicultural city, like Marrickville, and residents from Palestine have made a valuable contribution to the local Marrickville area. Bethlehem has great cultural significance to a broad range of people from many different ethnic backgrounds.

Learn more about the Marrickville-Bethlehem Sister City partnership on the Marrickville Council website.

There is also a local Marrickville Friends of Bethlehem community group which supports the Sister City partnership.


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