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CJPP has a selection of interesting books available for supporters to purchase.  Please email us for price and availability –

Leila Khaled: Icon of Palestinian Liberation  $22AUS + postage
In this book, based on interviews with Khaled and those who know her, Sarah Irving gives us the life-story behind the image. Key moments of Khaled’s turbulent life are explored, including the dramatic events of the hijackings, her involvement in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (a radical element within the PLO), her opposition to the Oslo peace process and her activism today.
Leila Khaled‘s example gives unique insights into the Palestinian struggle through one remarkable life – from the tension between armed and political struggle, to the decline of the secular left and the rise of Hamas, and the role of women in a largely male movement.

Extreme Rambling – Walking Israel’s Separation Barrier. For Fun  by Mark Thomas
By  award-winning British comedian, writer, journalist and all round dissident Mark Thomas – an account of his walk along the length of Israel’s apartheid wall barrier in the West Bank, a tale of 500,000 settlers, a 750km wall, six arrests, one stoning, too much hummus and the absurdity as well as the tragedy of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

Gaza in Crisis
Israel’s  ‘Operation Cast Lead’ has worried even some of its supporters. This book is an overview of  the the effects of the attack, assessing it in the context of Israel’s continuing war against the Palestinians.

When the Birds Stopped Singing by Raja Shehadeh
In April 2002, the Israeli army reoccupied Ramallah, where the Palestinian Authority has its headquarters. A tank blocked Raja Shehadeh’s road; Israeli soldiers seized his brother’s home and used him as a human shield during a search, as his frightened wife and children watched.  A chronicle of lives that somehow endure under impossible circumstances, Shehadeh’s diary is a compelling and important document.

A Child in Palestine
This is a first collection by leading Palestinian political cartoonist, Naji al-Ali. The brutality of Israeli occupation, the venality and corruption of the regimes in the region, and the suffering of the Palestinian people are all seen here in his poignant cartoons. This book presents the work of Naji al-Ali grew, one of the Arab world’s greatest cartoonists, revered in the region for his outspokenness, honesty and humanity.

My Father Was a Freedom Fighter  by Ramzy Baroud
Gaza is the frontline in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and rarely out of the news, this book explores the daily lives of the people in the region, giving us an insight into what is at risk in each round of violence. Ramzy Baroud tells his father’s fascinating story. Driven out of his village to a refugee camp, he took up arms and fought the occupation at the same time raising a family and trying to do the best for his children.

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